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We also offer home visits for all of our diffrent physiotherapy treatments:

Holistic physiotherapy

Based on a medical diagnosis, a detailed anamnesis and assessment together we will find ways and possible goals for your physiotherapeutic treatment. The selected methods should help you to activate your own inner healing resources so your existing complains disappear or will be prevented. Improve your quality of life! We can preventively, even without medical prescription, elaborate a programm especially adapted for your body to preserve and increase your personal performance level aswell as for your well-being.

Classical Massage

Gentle massage treatments offer a perfect way to recover from daily stress and restore your personal balance.

Our alternative health treatments:

Bodily communcation

In this treatment through contact, the language of the body is observed and blockades are detected. This method also gives the patient a better understanding of his or her body which will help to prevent or counteract imbalances.


Osteopathy – Keeping your body in flow and staying healthy.
A healthy body is in rithmic and fluent movement. Through the harmonic interaction between different body systems the organism is nourished, supplied with blood and oxygen resulting in agility.
These body systems influence each other mutually and are interconnected between them by the nervous and vascular system. Together they form an living entity, and dispose of selfregulating and self healing mechanisms.
External influences on mechanic, psycho-emotional and biochemical level change inner structures and their funtions. Over a certain amount of time the body can compensate these changes but at some stage it won't be able to maintain a balance and complaints and illnesses follow.
Osteopathy understands a person as a whole and not only treats the visible symptoms but also the underlying disorders causing them in order to restore the natural functions of the body systems.br/> If functional disorders continue over a longer period of time the body structures will inevitably be damaged, be it articulations, spinal column, internal organs or nervous system. The goal of osteopathy is foremost a preventive one, that means it anticipates illnesses but it can, at the same time, bring considarable relief in case of acute or chronicle suffering.
By the state of movement of the body tissue (for instance balanced, strained, freely flowing or blocked) and the quality of the body liquids rhythm one can detect disorders that cause a problem. By means of trained hand contact exercises, together with a most intimate knowledge of anotomy and psychology these malfunctions can be found and remedied.
Osteopathy can be divided in three areas though in practice however are not separated, they fluently merge into one another:
1. Craniosacral, fascial osteopathy (treatment of the nerves and liquor systems)
An imbalance in this system can lead to sensory, motorical and other neurological symptoms. The craniosacral System because of the direct connection with the nervous and liquor system impacts on the complete organism as it does on the mental balance.
2. Visceral osteopathy
Organ-specific osteopathy can influence mobility, blood circulation and with it the function of the inner organs. Limited movement of the organs and the related functiondisturbencies are stimulated with soft loosening of the fibrous membranes (fasciae) of the organs. The organ attachments will be streched, the blood circulation stimulated and the nerve supply either excited or calmed. The mobility of the organs impacts on the locomotive system, posture, breathing, blood flow, lymphatic flow, and the hormonal and neurovegetative balance.
3. Musculoskeletal-specific, musculoskeletal, fascial osteopathy
The Musculoskeletal-specific osteopathy deals with the structures of the locomotive system (bones, muscles, tendons,ligaments) to improve mobility so that people can move free from pain again. Through neuronal feedback the musculoskeletal system has an indirect influence over the organ functions such as respiration and blood flow and vice versa.

We are a member of the German Association of Osteopaths

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

TCM is a medical science that has develloped in China for over 2000 years.
The most important principle of Chinese medecine is:
"A good doctor doesn't have ill patient."
That means that it's not about "repairing" but primarily and above all about prevention, balance and establishing harmony. When a person is in harmony illnesses disappear and will not reappear as long as this harmony remains in place.
– Acupuncture
– Acupuncture of the abdomen
– Moxibustion
– 7 star-moxibustion
– Ba Guan Fa (cupping)
– Tui Na
– Herbal medicine
– Quantum healing
Fei Long is one of the very few who masters the extremely beneficial "7 Star-moxibustion" method. Another of her specialities is the acupunture of the abdomen treatment.
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Nutritional counselling

With our 12 step system, individually or in a group, you'll learn how to achieve your ideal weight goal. We install a natural relation between you and your body. You will learn to accept and cherish your body. The focus lies on revealing erroneous thinking- and behavior patterns.
– Laboratory diagnostic blood, saliva and stool
– Weight regulation
– Anamnesis | nutritional protocol | nutrition plan
– Metabolic regulation and balance
– Nutritional adaptiation for Diabetes, cardiovascular deseases, blood pressure affectations,
   Gout aswell as chronical deseases
– Detoxification
– Intestinal sanitation
– Strengthening of the immune system
– Orthomolecular clarification in case of chronical deseases,such as fatigue,
   exhaustion, backaches, muscular pains